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Pre-Placement Medical Evaluations

Occu-Med’s signature service, EXAMQA, is our proprietary pre-placement medical evaluation methodology to determine not only if a candidate is able to safely perform essential job functions with or without accommodation, but is also able to meet all job requirements and legal requirements with or without reasonable accommodation.

Our three-dimensional approach uses valid job information, job-related medical exams and a job compatibility assessment based on decades of research and experience.

Occu-Med’s evaluations are not only thorough, they’re legally defensible, meet state and federal regulations and are delivered promptly because we know that time really is money for employers.

Deployment Medical Readiness

Employers planning to send employees overseas to work for the Department of Defense or Department of State need to know quickly if candidates meet the medical requirements needed to do the job. They also need to assure that employees have the necessary immunizations for the countries to which they will travel.

Occu-Med assures all requirements are met and all immunizations are up-to-date through its 15,000-site Medical Network. And we move quickly because we understand that every day an employee isn’t cleared for deployment costs employers real money.

Fitness-For-Duty and Return-To-Work Evaluations

When employers are faced with employees who are experiencing diminishing performance or have been off work for a medical reason, Occu-Med steps in to determine when the employee can safely and efficiently return to work.

We employ our researched-based medical assessment with an eye to assuring all legal requirements for existing employees are met. Should an employee be able to return to work with the aid of accommodations, we identify those to get employees back to business as quickly as possible.

Periodic Medical Evaluations and Surveillance

Employers are often faced with compliance requirements to keep employees safely on the job. Occu-Med provides in-depth occupational evaluations to check for exposures and to confirm if exposure levels are within regulatory requirements.

These periodic evaluations can even be set up on a turnkey schedule to assure employers are always in compliance.


Employee deployment overseas or international travel often requires location-based immunizations. Occu-Med facilitates a host of immunizations in support of employers whose work could mean employees are exposed to infectious diseases.

No matter the location, we facilitate vaccines as required by regulatory agencies.